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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update + Look Ahead!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been so MIA from my blog for a while! My life has been pretty crazy...I'm in a huge musical production at the moment, so I've had a bunch of rehearsals for it + school and sports. The show finally runs on this Friday and Saturday, so I will have much more free time after that to work on the blog. But, I am in school, and exams are at the end of May, so I will not be able to post very often in May. Then, summer! I will be posting a lot more during the summer, but I will be in Costa Rica for 12 days in June, so I will have no access to Twitter or the internet. Sorry about all of the excuses, but once I hit 10 blog followers and 30 Twitter followers - I will be doing a small contest/giveaway, so I need your help to do that (remember, the sooner I hit those goals, the sooner the contest/giveaway). To help me reach the giveaway goal, send my blog link to your friends, family, cousins, teachers, enemies, dogs, cats and anyone else! :)

Looking Ahead:
Once I am able to post more, I want to post what you want to see. Some upcoming posts are:
Lipstick Collection, Swatches and Review, Lush Review, MAC To The Beach Collection Review, Haul and Tutorials, Hair Tutorials, Summery Makeup Tutorials, and more. If you have any requests, comment below!

XO, Glam Girl

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  1. Hey! :)
    I just gave you a blog award http://lovesparksxo.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-first-award-cherry-on-top-award.html
    love your blog! <3 congrats ;)