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Sunday, June 20, 2010

TAG: Never Have I Ever...Beauty Edition

TAG: Never Have I Ever...Beauty Edition

I was tagged by Vanessa or lovesparksxo.blogspot.com and I thought this tag was pretty cool. You list 5-10 beauty related things that you have never bought, done or used. Hope you enjoy the tag!

1. Never have I ever...ordered cosmetics online

I don't know if this is just me, but there is something about trying it on at the store and leaving the store with the bag in your hands. :)

2. Never have I ever...painted my own toenails

I just can't seem to reach my toenails to paint them, so I guess I just have to get a pedicure...

3. Never have I ever...blown dry my hair nicely straight

I have naturally really curly hair so when I blow dry my hair, it gets poofy. So, when I want straight, I need to use a flat iron.

4. Never have I ever...gone to a tanning bed

I am naturally extremely pale - like sometimes in the winter...NC15 is too dark. But skin cancer runs in my family, so as the dermatologist said "I am pasty by choice." (And I don't want to spray tan because I'm afraid I'll look like an oompa-loompa)

5. Never have I ever...applied liquid foundation with a brush

I don't usually wear foundation (liquid or powder) but even then, I don't ever apply my liquid with a brush. It just doesn't work.

XO, Glam Girl

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